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Nagios – check_rbl – No output returned from plugin

nagiiiooosRecently I faced problems setting up check_rbl v1.3.0 plugin at my nagios 3.4.1. From the gui the state of the check would turn to UNKNOWN and the Status Information would return “No output returned from plugin”

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Linux script to check if your hard disk is nearly full

Here is a simple script that will check if your specified partition is almost full and will notify you if it is. In order to have an email send, you must have mailx installed, for installation check my post here.

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Linux server info script

Here is a script that will quickly provide you information about your linux server such as cpu model, frequency, number of cores, amount of ram & swap, system uptime and test server download & I/O speed

cpu, ram and system uptime info are taken from “/proc/cpuinfo” , “free” and “uptime” respectively

download speed is measured by downloading a test file from cachefly, while I/O speed is measured by creating a 1GB file from null characters (/dev/zero)

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linux script to check if a service is running and start it, if it’s stopped

Here is a simple script that will check if your specified service is running and will start it if it’s stopped.

You will have to replace “replace_me_with_a_valid_service” with the name of the service you want to check

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debian 5 lenny openvz template with wrong /etc/apt/sources.list

I was getting 404 Not found errors using my new openvz with debian lenny

elephant:~# apt-get update
Hit lenny Release.gpg
Ign lenny/volatile Release.gpg
Ign lenny/updates Release.gpg
Hit lenny Release
Ign lenny/volatile Release
Ign lenny/updates Release
Ign lenny/main Packages/DiffIndex
Ign lenny/contrib Packages/DiffIndex
Ign lenny/non-free Packages/DiffIndex

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howto setup lnmp on centOS

lnmp is an alternative setup to lamp. The difference between lamp & lnmp is the web server, lamp uses apache whereas lnmp uses nginx. lnmp stands for

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Network error: could not connect to server: ip:5925

I was getting the above error message whenever I was trying to get console access to my kvm vps from vnc either from the java client from solusvm or vnc client from my pc.

when you turn on or off vnc in solusvm, a notification appears saying : “you need to reboot the virtual server for the changes to take affect”.

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stress test your web server with httperf

Httperf is a tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server performance.

NOTE : for accurate results, it’s best to run httperf from a remote machine and not from the localhost

to install httperf in red-hat based distributions (additional repo are needed. For centos you’ll need rpmforge, see here for installation)

yum install httperf

in debian based

apt-get install httperf

or install from source, here is the download page

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CentOS 5.6

CentOS 5.6 released today. Some of it’s features :

  • ext4 is now a fully supported file system
  • Many packages updated to newer versions
  • New packages that were not present in 5.5
  • New repositories
  • php53 is available as a php replacement Read more »

installing suphp on virtualmin

One thing I don’t like about virtualmin is the absence of suphp. After a few modifications, I managed to integrade it and make it the default php handler for new virtual hosts. This howto is based on centOS 5.5 32bit and virtualmin 3.83 gpl, you may have to change some things if you’re on another linux distribution such as paths or update manager commands, but the procedure will be more or less the same. Read more »