seagate is acquiring samsung storage

As part of an alignment between Seagate and Samsung, Seagate will take over Samsung’s storage department. Looks like an answer to western digital acquiring hitachi storage, which took place a couple of months ago.

This means there are three companies left manufacturing mechanical hdd. These are Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba. While Seagate and Western Digital have a large share of the market, Toshiba has small and is not considered a “threat” to both Seagate and Western Digital.

While there were many companies in the hdd industry, over the years they have either been merged or acquired by another company. Western digital owns IBM storage and Hitachi storage while Seagate has Quantum, Maxtor and Samsung storage.

Anyone seen “Demolition man” with Sylvester Stallone? Remember the part where all restaurants were taken over by pizza hut ?

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