spam king released from prison

After serving three years, eight months, and 27 days in prison, Robert Soloway aka “spam king” has been released. Soloway had troubles with the law from back in 2005 when  Microsoft won a $7.8 million civil judgment against Soloway, for spam sent through MSN and Hotmail services. In May 30, 2007 he was arrested for 35 charges including mail fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud, identity theft and money laundering. On March 14, 2008, Robert Soloway pleaded guilty to three charges — felony mail fraud, fraud in connection with e-mail, and failing to file a 2005 tax return. On 22 July 2008 Robert Soloway was sentenced to 47 months in federal prison, and ordered to repay over $700,000. Prosecutors had asked for a 9-year sentence.As of 3rd of March 2011, he is out of prison and on probation. Part of his probation terms include monitoring of all his email and web browsing.

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